Yakima Private Water Well Requirements

Critical Water Well Requirements: Must Read…..

Many people in the State of Washington receive their water from Private Wells and owners of private wells are responsible for ensuring that their water is safe from contaminations.

Contaminated Well Water

Here you may find information on the basic of water wells, proper well construction and maintenance records.

Proper well construction and maintenance are keys to the safety of your water supply. Your local Well Drilling Contractor along with the Washington State Department of Ecology can provide information on your well construction. While your well is being constructed, your well driller is responsible for the completion of a well report, which consists of the detailed depth and geological formations at each step of the drilled well process.

Your well location should allow the rainwater to flow away from the wellhead. If installed improperly, rainwater can seep into your well allowing harmful bacteria in from the surface and potentially causing health problems. To keep your well safe, you must be sure possible sources of contamination are not close by with a minimum for protection.

Non-Contamination Distances:

  • Septic Tanks, 50 feet
  • Leach Fields, 100 feet
  • Petroleum Tanks, Liquid-Tight Manure Storage and Fertilizer Storage and Handling, 100 feet

It is better to maintain your well, find problems early, and correct them to protect your wells performance. Keep up-to-date records of well and pump installations along with any repairs. If a problem does arise, your pump specialist will need this information. Put these papers in a safe place, possibly in a plastic bag, taped onto the side of your pump.

Protect your own well area! Be careful about storage and disposal of household and lawn care chemicals and wastes. Reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides and prevent surface water runoff. Regularly check underground storage tanks that hold home heating oil, diesel, or gasoline. Make sure your well is protected from the wastes of livestock, pets, and wildlife.

Washington State Water Well Contractors and Pump Installers are required by law to be licensed, bonded and insured.




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