Community or Shared Water Well

Times are getting tough and maintaining a large chunk of property is almost nearly impossible to do these days considering the watering of such property.

These big properties are being sold off and purchasing these properties are you housing developers. For these developers they build new homes though to keep their cos down or I should say affordable they are drilling one water well for several smaller lots. Known as a Community or Shared Water Well.

A water well is drilled on a specific piece of parcel and a dedicated amount of lots are served on the one water system. Usually this system is a Domestic Water Well only and is required by all that shares this system to maintain any and all problems and expenses. Normally the parcel of property that the well is on is the person typically elected by default to manage this system and is responsible for collecting the cost of the well, being the water rights that is shared and any repairs that are required. Cost can range from as small as the shared water rights to deepening or even re-placing the entire water well, if the water tables drop.

Community or Shared Water Well can be a great way to share cost though this is about all it is good for. Any well driller or pump worker can tell you very few good stories though lots of nightmare stories. We call these the UGLY WATER AGREEMENTS!

Typically the water system manager has little or possibly No water system management experience and are not prepared for the issues or well maintinence that is required for the life of the water well.

If you are purchasing a home that has a Community or Shared Well it is upmost important that it has clear written words of the usage and cost. Beware of the expenses that can arise and communicate with the manager to stay informed.

Can you break away from your Community or Shared Water Well? Generally Yes!  (1)Your parcel must NOT hold the Community or Shared Well! (2) Proof read your water agreement, the county may have set agreement with developer for this specific area.

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