Diagnostic Review & Estimate

Diagnostic Review & Estimate

Diagnostic Review: Keeping Your Family Safe

During this process we will collect vital data from your property, including surrounding zones. The research will take into consideration your future water and pump needs, possible contaminations, septic system placement, hazardous flood zones, average well depths in immediate areas, accessibility, type of soil and rock formations, water availability etc.

Without the Diagnostic Review you could be left with the uncertainties of a poorly placed well, inevitable contaminations from surrounding septic tanks, garden or crop pesticide leaking into your ground water and many more.

Drilling a Well is a large investment financially. We encourage you to take the proper steps in protecting your investment and ensuring your families health through clean water.

After the completion of your Diagnostic Review we will also provide a free Estimate. Your Estimate will include an approximate calculation of the depth, cost and drilling time for your new well.

This service is provided complementary (no cost) with a new well estimate.
The value of this service is $500.

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