Apple Valley Well Drilling was started when two good friends from high school got together in business under unusual circumstances.

Gary Lydin had been a water well driller since he was 18 years old and worked as a head driller in the local area. But he had dreams of his own, and desired nothing more than to go out and provide a service that went above and beyond what the local drillers were offering.

There were just a few challenges that must be overcome to make this dream a possibility. First, Gary must find a way to buy this very expensive drill rig, tools and equipment. Second, he would need to have a competent strong individual to assist him when drilling. Thirdly, Gary certainly did not have the time to do this all by himself.

Dave Oldham worked for many long years at Boise Cascade and was looking for a rewarding adventure. Gary and Dave begin talking one afternoon and soon realized that they could fulfill all of their dreams by working together.

Once the foundation of their new and exciting business was laid, they began perfecting how they would be not only the most skilled well drillers but also the most unique. Both agreed that there are many more important aspects to service than just drilling the well. There needed to be a way for them to prove to each client that this company is without a doubt their first choice.

Everyone in all industries like to say that they are honest, dependable, competitive, reliable and remarkably skilled. However, we all know that this isn’t always true. So we really put our thinking caps on and out popped a brain child.

Let us not say what we are, but let us prove what we are; by being 100% Owner/Operators, providing education, free diagnostic review and estimates along with an amazing 30-day customer support guarantee.

-The Team

Contact Information:

Apple Valley Well Drilling LLC

PO Box 55 Selah WA 98942
Phone: (509) 697 6605

We Service These Areas:

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