What is the YAKIMA COUNTY WATER RESOURCE SYSTEM (YCWRS) and what do they have to do with your water rights?

Perhaps you’ve heard that there are new water rights regulations in Yakima County as of January 2018. If you’re wondering what this means for you and your well drilling project we’ve got it all broken down …Read More

Yakima County Drought Updates

Summer 2015 Drought Updates For Yakima County
What Is Washington Doing?
The Yakima Valley continues to see commercial and domestic water wells dry out, along with less irrigation for our farmers to produce abundant crops. With hardly any snow fall in the winter of 2014 the projections foresee the extension of similar conditions in years to come. …Read More

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Artesian Wells in Yakima County

What Is An Artesian Well?
“Artesian” comes from the name of the town of Artois, France (which was called Artesium by the Romans.) During the middle Ages, the artesian wells drilled here were well known.

There comes a time in Yakima County when you might need to find a borehole that you will use for your business, …Read More