What is the YAKIMA COUNTY WATER RESOURCE SYSTEM (YCWRS) and what do they have to do with your water rights?

Perhaps you’ve heard that there are new water rights regulations in Yakima County as of January 2018. If you’re wondering what this means for you and your well drilling project we’ve got it all broken down …Read More

Community or Shared Water Well

Times are getting tough and maintaining a large chunk of property is almost nearly impossible to do these days considering the watering of such property.

These big properties are being sold off and purchasing these properties are you housing developers. For these developers they build new homes though to keep their cos down or I should …Read More

Yakima Valley Tour of Homes 2016

Yakima Tour Of Homes Is Proudly Being Sponsored By Apple Valley Well Drilling. We are very excited to see you on the tour of homes 2016. Do not forget to bring your cameras and a super fun attitude. Homes will have everything from Chefs to drinks, builders and much more…

2016 Presents Tour Of Homes:









































How Does the …Read More

Water Well Drilling 2016

for your water well drilling needs
Yakima, Kittitas & Benton Counties
The ground has lost its frost and is finally drying which gives the well drillers the opportunity to get back to what they do, FINDING YOU WATER!

When there is no frost in the ground it makes it possible to sink the well rigs …Read More

How To Prevent A Private Well From Freezing

How To Prevent Private Wells From Freezing
Winterize Your Water Well
For those of you that rely on well water, winter can be a time to close attention to well and plumbing components, especially if your area regularly experiences freezing temperatures in the winter months.
Most who rely on wells for their home water supply won’t run into …Read More

Yakima County Drought Updates

Summer 2015 Drought Updates For Yakima County
What Is Washington Doing?
The Yakima Valley continues to see commercial and domestic water wells dry out, along with less irrigation for our farmers to produce abundant crops. With hardly any snow fall in the winter of 2014 the projections foresee the extension of similar conditions in years to come. …Read More