Educational Day!

Grandson gets water well drilling first hand!

All in a day’s work!

Tyler is a Student here in the Yakima County which part of his education is often choosing academic and social pursuits because he finds them important and meaningful.

Grandpa Gary Lydin shares ownership with David Oldham in a local water well drilling company, Apple Valley Well Drilling, drilling wells in the Yakima, Kittitas & Benton Counties.

Tyler approached Grandpa interested in the steps of water well drilling. He (Tyler) had read several educational articles on their website, Yet still interested, he asked Grandpa for some one-on-one education. Grandpa Gary was excited to teach & show Tyler all he knows.

Working around such big equipment can and is very dangerous,

Tyler was fitted with his very own hard hat and of course earplugs.

Here are a few questions Tyler asked about the drilling process!

 1. Can the well be drilled anywhere?


⇒Only low-impact facilities, such as a house, outdoor play area, or outdoor furniture should be located within 50 feet of the well.

⇒Animal enclosures and septic systems should have a minimum of 100 feet.

2. How do you know what type of soils you will we be drilling through?


⇒We have been drilling wells in the Yakima, Kittitas & Benton Counties for over 35 years. While drilling water well, the driller must complete a water well report to the state, describing the color, character & size of material that is encountered. With experience drilling in these areas, you just get familiar with what is underneath you.

3. How deep will clean drinkable water be found?  


⇒Well logs are registered with the Washington State Department of Ecology that are within the zone of the water well ready to be drilled, this gives the driller an approximation of the depth of vein where drinkable water could be found.

The water well that being drilled went to a depth of 300 feet.




David Oldham observing Tyler while keeping the sludge away from the driller’s feet.


Tyler is using a screen to make sure that the water well is clean of formation, which is  the last step for preparing for the pump system installation.

After Tyler’s full day of learning, he had one quick-witted response. “Grandpa, I am sure glad we did not have to dig that by hand!”

Grandpa Gary Lydin wants to thank his Grandson Tyler for the interest in his line of work & the hard work he gave.  GRANDPA IS VERY PROUD OF YOU TYLER!

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