Wells in Yakima, Laws & Water Supply

There are many factors involved in the drilling of water well. Whether it is a deep well or a shallow well, it is a complex and difficult process that should only be attempted by a licensed professionals with the right equipment and ample experience. Drill rods can weigh several tons, different types of geological formations require different types of drill bits, and many other factors contribute.

You well need a dependable water supply for your present and future needs. An average household uses approximately 300-500 gallons of water per day. For a family of four, a domestic well should provide a dependable yield of 10 to 25 gallons-per-minute to supply all your water needs. Presently a domestic well can be used for lawn & garden watering, up to 1 half acre, giving a total usage of 5000 gallons-per-day

The State Of Washington requires water well contractors to be licensed and bonded. The state also requires the driller on site to have a valid Washington State License. Before the well construction can begin, a notice of intent to construct a water well must be applied and obtain through the Washington State Department of Ecology. While the well is-being-constructed, your licensed Water Well driller must remain at the drilling site.

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