Well Construction

When constructing a well it is critical to establish the right location for the well, sizing the system correctly and choosing the proper construction techniques. Only professional water well contractors should install wells. They are familiar with the hydrology in an area and all local codes and regulations. Proper well construction is important part to operating and maintaining a well.

A well is composed of many components. The most important materials used include:

  • Casing is to maintain an open access in the earth while not allowing any entrance or leakage into the well from the surrounding formations. The most popular materials used for casing are black steel and PVC pipe.
  • Bentonite is a sealant that is used to fill in the spaces around the outside of the well, which protects the well against any intrusion of contaminants.
  • Screen is available in many materials and is installed when wells are drilled into unconsolidated materials. This screen keeps sand and gravel out of the well at the same time allowing groundwater and water from formations to enter into the well
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