Tips on keeping your Well Pump & Pipes from Freezing

Preparing your Water Well Pump House for the Winter


Frozen well pump and pipes causes more than the breakdown of temporarily loosing water. This can also break pipes and crack your water pump. We STRESS the importance of winterizing your well house before the weather turns cold.

Most well pumps have a house built over them to protect the pump from the elements. A well-built well house should be large enough to allow future maintenance on the pump and will have insulation in the walls, doors and ceiling with no cracks for air to enter.

A good temperature to keep your pump and pipes from freezing should be



Well-Built Insulated Pump House

Simply replacing your light bulb with a single 100-watt light bulb can be adequate, however, pay close attention to the temperature of the room. If the utility light is not keeping it warm, use a small ceramic heater. 

Non-Insulated Pump House

Check for cracks in the walls and plug them. Any type of Insulation covering the pump system and pipes surrounding can be helpful. Replacing your light bulb with a 100-watt light bulb. Available is also a thick fiberglass or foam rubber sleeve and is specifically designed for the well house; for self-do, call your local pump & irrigation store on how to purchase, otherwise call your local plumber.


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