Estimating the Depth & Cost your Water Well

Water Well Contractor cannot tell you exactly to what depth they will drill or the exact amount of water that the well will yield.

The contractor estimates by utilizing the information of average depth for your area (zone) and knowledge of ground formations. In most cases water can be tapped from 100 to 300 ft while in some areas 500 to 1000 ft deep is normal.

The First cost for your water well will be the permit, which is a cost set by the Washington State Department of Ecology or if on Tribal Land, a permit is required through the Water Code Administration.

The Second determining factor is the estimated cost of your well. The Drilling Contractors charge by the foot along with any drilling cost as well as pipe usage. It is important that your Well Contractor along with the Well Driller, is Licensed and Bonded in the State of Washington, with a reputable reputation. It is the Well Contractors duty to give a good faith estimate.

If the water first tapped is adequate for your family, then drilling can stop. If not, then drilling may have to go deeper. (A family of four uses approximately 300 gallons of water each day).

Let us not say what we are, but let us prove what we are; by being 100% Owner/Operators, providing education, free diagnostic review with estimates along with an amazing 30-day customer support guarantee.

Gary Lydin

David Oldham

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Washington Driller License: 1023
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Dot Number: 1895095


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